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"I’ve never done any therapy before, let alone music therapy and hypnotherapy . If it weren’t for Joney’s approachable, professional and trustworthiness I probably never would have been open to the possibilities that her services had allowed me to see. I never realized how much power music holds in unlocking my mind and it’s conveyance of things that were occurring in my subconscious mind. Using music therapy and hypnosis along with Joney’s guidance, it helped me feel less tense, be more productive and more confident in myself and in my business. I found a sense of clarity and ability to move past through issues that were holding me back. I can’t seem to find the words to perfectly describe how Joney made it so easy to open up and be heard without any judgement. She’s truly so special and the therapy work she does is pure magic."

Kathy Woo

Regional Vice President - Primerica

"Thank you for sharing your unique gift. You took me through a journey that I couldn’t have imagined that freed me from subconscious self sabotage. I am a better person after having this experience with you and when I left your place it was like I became one of those Russian dolls and peeled an entire layer of baggage that no longer serves me. Thank you!"

Leah Diteljan

Certified Coach

"Working with Joney was fantastic. She is kind, approachable, and excellent at what she does. Not knowing what to expect for my first session, I was pleasantly surprised by how much Joney was able to take from listening to a favourite song of mine together and talking through actionable steps to improve my motivation. Thank you for your help!"

Pam Haaf


"What a unique experience! The chocolate meditation & acupuncture workshop is amazing and something that I am very happy to have done! I felt very relaxed afterwords and now am able to associate chocolate to happiness and not having chocolate to relieve my stress. Thank you so much!"

Sara Lipi

Film & Videographer

"Joney is a very passionate, well experienced, and respectful music therapist. She very skillfully integrates your own rhythm and musical expression into her sessions to guide you through a personal and deep journey. It allows you to easily and enjoyably follow along, in a very comfortable and safe manner. I highly recommend exploring the variety and depth available through Joney’s music therapy sessions."

Anne-Mareike Chu

TM Instructor

"It was a relaxing and calming experience. My first experience with music therapy and hypnotherpy. I feel that I always need to take a second for myself and calm my mind from the hectic hustle and bustle of my the day. It felt like time to myself that no one could interrupt. I would recommend it to anyone who needs to de-stress and control."

Cindy Young

Fashion Designer

"Who would have thought drumming and movement could be such powerful tools in releasing my inner blocks. I’m not usually an emotional type of guy but what Joney did was truly amazing and unique. I feel the work we did allowed me to break through my own barriers that was holding me back in life and career."

Brian Sanders

Financial Planner

"I like Joney's music therapy. It makes me feel happier. We know that music has amazing positive impact to the brain. I hope our injured brains could benefit from doing the music activities. I enjoyed playing ukulele with her singing. She teaches us to sing with movement, to follow the rhythm with the drum. Especially she let us do neurological activating movements paired with rhythm, along with singing. I believe this a wonderful way to help us recover from the stroke."

Sofia M.

Stroke Group Patient
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