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Want to expand your reach and go virtual or bring quality resources into your facility? Are you a coach, instructor, parent, daycare or preschool owner, SLP, a therapist who works with children? Looking for new, creative and inventive ways to bring your profession to the next level? Here you'll find guides, templates, online resources and interventions to use in your own practice/facility. Now you can increase your revenue resources, expand your practice and continue to professionally develop.

Are you a therapist, teacher, parent, business owner, preschool/daycare owner, part of a school board or a professional seeking to save time, enhance your skill sets, and increase your work-life balance?

In the middle of March 2020, my career saw a need to support others. I noticed how many of my peers were struggling from a familiar in-person setting to an entirely new arena of virtual learning. Prior, I had slowly transitioned my practice to telehealth and having spent hours researching and continuing my education on teletherapy practices I want to share it with you. I can recall the frustration of learning new platforms, new skills sets that are beyond what we’re trained in and feeling exhausted. It felt like I was a new therapist again when it came to virtual sessions. Hearing how people missed their students/clients, genuine interaction, and imaginative play. This has inspired me to share my knowledge, resources and tools. Through my own personal experience and seeing a need to be met, I have created various digital resources just for you (Now you don’t need to waste your precious time doing the work from scratch, because it’s all done for you):
  • Specific, easy to follow & implement tools/interventions
  • Guide on how to go virtual using zoom (including set up)
  • Pre-recorded group activities to use in your class room setting
  • Guide on how to easily edit your own videos
  • Templates you can use for virtual sessions
  • High quality music for children
  • High quality music for your practice
  • Telehealth ideas and templates

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