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Music's medicine is much deeper than the background music we hear, or a song we're tapping our feet to. You might say that we are music. Our own heartbeat is a rhythm track pulsing through our veins; our voice is the melody that resonates as we speak' our health is the harmony of our body, mind and spirit; and our breath is the silence that allows our bodies to rest.    "We do not make

Racism stems from a larger picture. It is not solely based on an individual or a group of individuals, but how society is cultivated and a country is ran. Regardless, we must all do our parts, as every little change matters and makes a difference. Several of my Black American/Canadian friends have been voicing out and sharing to raise awareness, but it's draining for them to be constantly reiterating and sharing their experiences in

So, you tried meditating and reframing how you view mindfulness and meditation. (*Check out the last recent blog post as this is a continuation of that post). Now you could use some tips on how to make it more effective or successful for you. Here are seven things to keep in mind if you feel like meditation just isn't working for you:     1. Reframe your mind View meditation/mindfulness as a form of focusing

  Is this how you’re feeling right now? So many people are saying so many things.     Let’s face it. We’re all in shock. We’re all going through drastic changes from how our daily routines and life used to look like. These radical changes in our lives are a shock to our systems: mentally, physically and emotionally. Now more than ever, we’re stuck in a place where we have fewer outlets/distractions to channel all these frustration

Restful sleep and feeling recharged after we wake up not only leaves us feeling better, it has direct positive effects on our mental and physical health. When we lack proper sleep, it can take a serious toll on our energy levels, productivity, emotional balance, and even physical health. Yet I find many of my clients (including people around me), share that their stressed minds would keep going and they would often lie restlessly

Gratitude doesn’t solve or make problems go away. It transforms what we do to being enough because we are enough.   Welcome to my first blog post and thanks for reading! I thought a great way to begin the new year is to reflect upon it. For many, gratitude doesn’t become a consistent attitude we take on the daily. It is not until life gives us a reason to deeply reflect and recognize all the things