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Shine Empower Yourself


Rain or Shine provides various events and programs. Our mission is for people who want to take control of their lives by understanding what their minds can do and to reach their full potential.
Want to introduce more calming moments into you and your child’s life? Or learn some fun ways to help guide your child to be more focused and how to find positive energy? This is more and more important, as we live in a society with technology being more prevalent and are minds are trained to have constant stimuli and don’t get to switch.  Mindfulness the practice of fully being in the moment is the key. In this workshop, we’ll do fun and calm engaging activities to work on exactly that. We’ll be colouring, story telling, & doing breathing techniques. At the end of class, if you sign up for our newsletter, we’ll email you the techniques we worked on and some bonus ones you can use at home as well!

February is National Heart Month. Give yourself the loving treatment by joining us for a Guided meditation and Anchoring technique on self-love. Whether it’s letting go of regrets or building your positive inner qualities, this guided meditation done so with binaural beats and sound bath. Perhaps you fell off from your New Year’s resolution and you’re losing steam/focus, we can help you get that boost of energy back. In this workshop you’ll learn to use three different anchoring techniques to help you trigger your mind in a positive way to help you stay focused and shining bright.

Exciting NEWS: This workshop will be offered in CHICAGO as well  on Feb 2, 2020 at Chill Meditation + Massage / 222 W Kinzie St / Chicago, IL 60654 /

To register for the US workshop call: (312) 222-1442

Did you know that March is 23 – 28 is National Sleep Awareness Week? Join us for Sleep Well Sound Bath & Guided Meditation workshop. Looking to de-stress or set yourself up right so you can sleep better? Day-light-savings time change just occurred, and this workshop will help you improve your sleep. This meditation will use the process of self-hypnosis and music to help you sleep better. Bonus, you’ll learn some tools how to sleep better and on creating delta waves (for deep sleep).

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