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Corporate Workshops

Looking for ways to motivate your employees, reduce burnout, build better communication, increase productivity and professional development.

Are you HR, business owner, part of a school board or a professional seeking to enhance your skill sets, overall wellbeing & confidence?

My keynotes include specific tools and stories on how tuning into our five-senses paired with subconscious triggers and music hold powerful potential in improving how we function, think and respond to the world around us. Our subconscious holds all our long term memories, beliefs and drives all our autonomous responses. Tuning into our five senses, anchors us in the moment. Lastly, music is an universal language – expresses more than we can convey with words and brings more meaning into moments. It taps straight into our emotions and subconscious (life experiences) where all our responses are driven by.

The following talks, presentations and hands on workshops inspire participants on how to utilize subconscious triggers and music to strengthen organizations and teams of any size.

I help identify all the ways music and/or subconscious (work) triggers could be used more intentionally to boost mood, restores feelings of wellbeing at home, work, in life and much more:

Improves memory, brain health & function

How it motivates, builds confidence and drives us

Easy and accessible to integrate to enhance professional skill sets

Learn how to strengthen mindset, reduce anxiety and manage stress more effectively

Increase and ignites creativity required for new ideas and problem-solving

Learn inspirational research and studies that amplify the work happening at the intersection of music, health, and neuroscience

Identify how music is a communication bridge, one that can help individuals express and process their most significant life challenges, difficult transitions, and at times, an unexpected health crisis.

How it can improve neurological, physical and spiritual changes

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